Unix environment for desktop computers

Let's set up your PC, so you can use unix more easily. You can connect to a unix server as long as you have ssh capability. But this will limit you to use pure command line interface (CLI). If you install X-Window server on your desktop machine, you can use graphic user interface (GUI), which is convenient for graphing and plotting data.

In the class, we'll learn programming in linux environment accessed through Cygwin/X. You should install X-window system to your desktop computers to do assignments etc.

The programming skill you learn in the class should be applicable to any platform. If you want to develop programs directly on your desktop computer (without connecting to linux server), you can install the developper tools. But they are not required for this class.


Mac OS-X

Mac OS-X is a flavor of unix, but you need to install several programs to use it as a more conventional unix box for programming.